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Our Vineyards

Terroir can be defined as the mystical melding of light, water, soil, air and the human touch. It is a definition that is often used by vintners. The simple fact is that you must have a world class grapevine to produce a world class grapes for winemaking. When it comes to grapes it is their source, the land, which matters most.

Both Valerie and Mike, proprietors of Crow River Winery, grew up on farms near Hutchinson. They still have those farms and now practice sustainable farming on them, growing grapes, hard neck garlic and keeping bees. In keeping with Minnesota’s history and heritage, we raise Minnesota Cold Climate grapes. Our family has made it our life’s work to maintain these special places and our farm and to nurture these special regional vines. We respect nature and are committed to the labor, expense, and stewardship of the land as we coax vines to wines. We are confident that when the wine is ready, you will taste the difference.

Ultimately, the wine’s distinct personality will reflect its source: our dedicated care along with that distinctive Crow River Winery Terroir.

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Crow River Vineyard

Crow River Vineyard adorns the East Hutchinson, Minnesota grassland. Lovely to behold, this picturesque vineyard features nine acres of Minnesota’s best cold-climate grapes as well as harvests of pumpkins. The Crow River Vineyard is located on site at the winery.

Box Elder Vineyard

The crowning glory of all of the Hutchinson vineyards, Box Elder is  situated on 12 acres in rural northeast Hutchinson, overlooking a lush green expanse of land flourishing with 5,230 crops of the finest grapes Minnesota has to offer. The landscape is lovely, and the sunshine and refreshing breezes produce healthy, hardy, flavorful grapes, as well as fields of garlic and pumpkins for crafting into both traditional and unique wines. The Box Elder Vineyard is located at 14555 210th Street in northeast rural Hutchinson.


Henry Vineyard

Nestled in a cozy nook of West Hutchinson, the Henry Vineyard showcases 1,770 cold-hardy grape vines thriving on 4 acres of rich soil, surrounded by gorgeous prairie landscape. The Henry Vineyard is located at 19355 Ulm Avenue on the west side of Hutchinson.

Winter Vineyard

Located Northeast of Hutchinson, Winter Vineyard features 744 La Crescent white grape vines, which produce an intensely fruity and semi-sweet wine, beloved of wine enthusiasts worldwide. The Winter Vineyard reflects the dedicated care with which we coax these reluctant vines from the rugged soil. The Winter Vineyard is located on Nature Avenue, northwest of Hutchinson.

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Itasca Vineyard

Crow River Winery’s newest vineyard sits on the eastern-most three acres of the property and is home to 1,077 Itasca vines. Planted in 2017, we will nurture the vines to maturity to produce a dry, white wine with notes or pear. Itasca Vineyard is located on site at the winery.

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