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Crow River Winery Ciders

The journey of our hard cider starts with carefully harvesting apples in autumn when they are perfectly ripe. The apples in Crow River Winery's cider are grown and harvested locally from Ashery Lane Farm. A diverse blend of apple varieties are chosen to create a well-balanced flavor. We are proud to offer a variety of cider flavors as well as limited edition seasonal flavors. 

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Lake Hook Cider

A traditional sparkling cider made from a blend of local apples is the refreshing beverage you never knew you needed. Perfect for lake days, game days or any day. 

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Bear Creek Cider

A sparkling cider made from local apples offers a unique taste experience bursting with the juicy flavors of fresh berries. 

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South Fork Cider

This cider is a fresh take on a Minnesota favorite. Indulge in the taste of juicy strawberries and homegrown rhubarb with every sip.

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Belle Lake Cider

Delight in the golden sweetness of honey cider. Made with fresh, local honey and crisp apples this sweet and satisfying beverage is a must try.

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